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    I'm SONO ♡

  • Catering

    Goddess Creations offer organic, gluten-free, vegan meals that are clean and help you feel alive during your retreats, workshops or events.

    Our meals nourish you and keep your heart open and warm!


    * Vegetarian and fish dishes are also available upon request

    ** We gather produce from local organic farmers as much as possible!

  • Want to work with Goddess Creations?

    Please Contact Us with your plans!

  • Experience

    Organic, Vegan Cooked & Raw Cafes and Catering

    Since 2008

    Green Moustache, Cafe by Tao, Eternal Abundance in Vancouver

    Recipe development for cafes and events

    Catering to celebrities and musicians such as Woddy Harrelson, Deva Premal & Miten and Manose and their crews

    Facilitating Raw Food workshops

    Some delicious food photos can be seen here!

  • What else Sono offers

    Living my own unique delicious life that I love and I am grateful for Life!


    Simply want to say Hi! to me?


    I would love to connect with you and help you transform your health and life.

    If your desires in your life are

    • To live your best Life
    • To feel better and alive!
    • To be in a loving, harmonious and lasting relationship with the one


    You are the one that I would love to work with.



    Sessions Offered

    • Raw Food Classes (individual and group)
    • Energy Healing
    • Sage Lymph Care Method (muscle release bodywork and self-care techniques)
    • Medical Intuition/Intuitive Reading

    The areas where I can help

    1. You want to connect with your own body and be able to listen its messages and take actions accordingly

    2. You want to be more gentle and loving to yourself and all areas of your life

    3. You wan to live in ease, grace and magically

    4. You want to connect and live with nature (nature heals you!)
    5. You want to be able to laugh more often or smile naturally!
    Key Words: natural living, open heart, open mind, energy sensitive people (having aware of energy difference), inner work, self healing, magic, miracles, trust, intuition, ease, grace, ♡


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    Magic. Miracles. Deliciousness.

  • Reach Out

    Drop me a line so we can talk and collaborate!

    Victoria, BC (For In-person Session)
    1 778 316 3960
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